||>Candy's cYbeRz0nE<|| - mY bELOvEd hoME oN tHe wEb
I wIlL tELL yA 'bOut "What No One Else Bothered to Tell You on IRC"
 mAybE yA kNoW iRc aLrEaDy, mAyBe yA dOn'T. To wHoM dUnNo,
 U cAn 5eEk tO aNoTheR sOuRcE cOz' I cAn'T teLL yA wHoLE oF tHat.
cLicK hEre tO kNoW mOrE, & dUn fOr6eT to cOmE hErE a.S.a.P, oTaY ! 8)
(... oOH, I dUn wAnNa rEaD tHiS)
               Once you get into IRC, you are bound to experience a "cyber- culture shock." IRC is actually
a sort of virtual community with a language all of its own. English is almost exclusively spoken
in all countries, but IRC has adapted a dialect that can be confusing at first.
In the IRC world, spelling and punctuation have been for the most part abandoned. Because
no one wants to bother typing everything out exactly right, wasting time in the process,
punctuation is rarely used, and typographical errors are common. The IRC community
has adapted its own set of punctuation, spelling rules, and acronyms for simplicity.
               Words are often spelled differently from the conventional spelling, sometimes to save keystrokes,
and  sometimes just to be different. "cks" is almost always replaced by a simple "x", for example.
Another example is "kewl" instead of "cool".
 The IRC community has developed a number of acronyms and abbreviations for common phrases
which can  be very confusing to a new user. I have listed all the ones I have seen. All of them
are used widely and understood by most experienced users.
                    lol or LOL => "Laughing out loud" or "Laughing on line"
(In other words, the person who typed this is laughing)
                    rofl or ROFL => "Rolling on Floor Laughing"
                    lmao or LMAO => "Laughing my A** off"
                    brb or BRB => (I'll) be right back
                    bbl or BBL => (I'll) be back later
                    wb or WB => Welcome back!
                    re => short for "re-hello" (hello again)
                    lo => hello
                    k => okay
                    oic => Oh, I see!
                    ppl => people
                    irl => in "real life"
                    btw => by the way
                    ne1 => anyone
                    otoh => on the other hand
               Emoticons are facial expressions symbolized using simple tricks with characters. For example,
tilt your head ninety degrees to the left and look at the following line.
               Do you see the person smiling? This is just one of the many variations of faces found on IRC.
Here are a list of examples i've found.
:-) smile
                    :-( frown
                   ;-) wink
;-( angry
                   <8-) smile with glasses and a hat
              This is by no means a complete list of emoticons I've seen on IRC. Be creative!
Try inventing your own emoticons and dazzle your IRC neighbors.
               IRC Grammar
               Because special typefaces (bold, italic, etc.) aren't possible in IRC (at least not on older clients),
some new means have developed to emphasize words.
               The most common is the _underscore_. I don't recommend using them for a number of reasons.
*This* is becoming more popular these days and so is ^this.^ If you really want to emphasize a word,
you may want to CAPITALIZE it. Just be careful about capitalizing a whole phrase or sentence,
nExT pAgE pLeAz !