||>Candy's cYbeRz0nE<|| - mY bELOvEd hoME oN tHe wEboH gOD, dO u ReALLy wAnNa Go ?
iF wE sAy "Hi !", tHeRe's a tImE tO sAY "G-bYe !" .. I tHinK tHis Is tHe TimE 8(.
I pRoMi5E tO yA I wILL cOmE bAcK aGaIN & tALk 'bOuT mAnY tHinGs sUcH
bOoK rEViEW LeSSoNs iN LiFe
mU5iChOT LiNK5ReLi6iOn
wE wILL tAlK mAnY oThEr tHinGs lATeR, sO jUsT cOmE hErE oFtEn
aNd sEe aN uPdAtinG oF ||>Candy's cYberz0nE<||, bTw, bEfOrE yA Go,
wOuLd Ya cLicK tHis ImAgE & sIgN mY gUE5tbOoK
I wILL gIVe U aN aPPLeiF u dO tHat 8).