Rumah KoKun -
(an Introduction to Nothingnewness on the Web)
KoKun®: an Introduction to Nothingnewness on the Web
Nothingnewness on the WebMany people doesn't know what KoKun® is. Factually (regardless of what 'factual' means, not many people knows. You and I are two amongst them who doesn't know at all about KoKun®. It's why we're here in this life, on this very earth, because we have a mission to find out what KoKun® means actually.  

Nevertheless I will try to define what KoKun® is, though it might be extremely dangerous. According to recent report, whenever you think in any way about KoKun®, your computer will start gaining excess heat. When you continue thinking about it, your computer will start vaporizing. If you collect the vapor into a brass lamp, you could hope to have a geenie. He would grant you three wishes, but only three. Remember, however, that nobody will be there to give you one-year warranty if your geenie decided to be frozen once in a while. If that happens, you could try to think about KoKun® again, because in the past people have had reported it being helpful to bring back the geenie in the lamp to life.   

To be honest (regardless of what 'honest' means KoKun® doesn't mean anything. It comes from nothingness, and is on its journey into nothingness again, but on the way it just passes by us, you and me. You and I decided to give it a name, and that's why KoKun® is named KoKun®  

Because KoKun® means nothing, comes from nothing, and goes to nothing, nothing can happen to KoKun®. It's fully transparent along the journey, and when it passes by us, we remain truthfully transparent (regardless of what 'truthful' means. One part of us which is transparent in its nature is touched by it. This part of us doesn't have its physical tongue nor any sound-producing mechanism, so we suddenly feel an urge to tell whatever we know to anybody around us.  

Many people said that KoKun® looks like some scrap of yellowish paper, but I do not really agree with that. They might have mistaken the cheap, photocopied gossip news tabloid in a smaller format that was published a couple of years ago. Many people still believe in it. As people in general, they believe in anything, do anything they believe, and make people believe in what they believe. The fact is that KoKun® has moved to a higher form of passing-bies; the invisible media.   

A lot of people asked whether it's shameful for them to not know that KoKun® exists. I think it is actually more shameful for them to know that they asked.  

And that's the end of our essay today. Yea, that's it.  
That's it I said. 

hope you don't know us
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