Rumah KoKun -
(We mean, whatever 'facts' means)
Who was the first person to subscribe to KoKun® ?
Novan ???Novan. However, he didn't have any money in 1995 (even though he sure does now, just an info to all of you material girls), so he requested a photocopy-subscribing. But then he claimed to be also too short of time. So, no money, no time. Nothing was there. The publishers surrendered and gave the whole company to him. That's why he's living a prosperous life now.
Who was the first person to apply for jobs in KoKun® ?
Rifki ???Rifki. He was cheated and innocent enough to believe that KoKun® needed a Graphic Designer, while in fact he was just baited in to be the first MAN in KoKun®. Yum.
What was the first job opening in KoKun® ?
???Graphic Designer. And it was prefereably a charming male with just enough creativity to impress the girls. No one applied for the job until one guy came and the company was so desperate that they just call him in right away.
What was the first thing that gave birth to KoKun® ?
Wahjoe ???A baby. To be more precise, an article about a baby named Wahjoe. To be even more precise, a sensational article about a war between two households because of a baby named Wahjoe. Don't ask me for more details because I forget. It's just enough to give birth to KoKun®after a long time of conceiving. Wahjoe is now a well-groomed grown-up even though his size doesn't change that much.
What was the first serious coverage in  KoKun® ?
Miladiani ???The life of the Pleman of Gandok. It was about Miladiani who is a girl pleman in Gandok. We admired her so much that we decided to put her on the spot. She clied and called hel mama light away, who immediately put her to sleep by singing [apa gitu yang metal]. Oh, how sweet she was...
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