||>Candy's cYbeRz0nE<|| - mY bELOvEd hoME oN tHe wEbwAnNa kN0w wHerE dO I liVe ? hErE iT 1s .. 8)
weLl, u'Ve sTucK hEre hUH ? oK, I'Ll tELL u mOrE 'b0uT mE.
I L1ve iN a n1cE c1tY iN Indonesia nAmEd Yogyakarta,
iN a CoZy hOu5e wItH mY bEloVeD dAd, mUm, & 2 bRoThEr5.
i'M tHe YoUn6e5t cHilDreN iN mA fAm1Ly & aLsO tHe oNLY
dAu6hTeR ... mAybE tHaT bEcAu5e I'm sO sPeCiAL 8).
I wA5 bOrN iN 1975, yOu cAn kNoW hOw OLd aM I n0w.
nOw I'm FiNish1nG mY uNdErgRaDuAtE sTudy aT Faculty
of Economics, Gadjah Mada University iN Yogyakarta.
eNou6h ? aNy qUe5t1On ? fEeL FrEe tO 5enD mE 
nO mOrE 'Q', gOoD, jUsT tAkE a LooK fOR mOrE KewL th1nGs.