Candy's Comp .. ? yEaH u cAn ReAd tHaT 8)||>Candy's cYbeRz0nE<|| - mY bELOvEd hoME oN tHe wEb
dO I HaVe tO tAlK 'bOuT cOmPutER ? i dUn tHinK so, mAyBe

yA gO To tHe wRoN6 sIte iF yA wAnNa kNoW 'bOut tHi5 Th1nG

aNd I'm nOt tHe eXpeRt bOuT tH15 oNe eItHeR ... sOrRy ...

oTaY, I w1LL tAlK bOuT mE & mY cOmPuTeR. WeLl, tH15 tHinG

gImMe L0t5 & sO mAnY hELp ... 6o5H, I dUNnO wHaT eL5e

tO tELL .... hOW bOuT tHe iNtErNeT ? gREaTzZ .............. 8)

WeLL, uNt1L nOw .. I sTiLL u5E tHi5 aMaZin' tEcHnOLo6Y ...

5uCh EmAiL, bROw5iN' oR cHaT .... rIgHT cHaT ! I cHaT tOo,

tHaT'5 wHy U kNoWn mE a5 Candy ... a5 I sAiD bEf0Re, yA cAn

f1nD mE iN #Bandung, I bEcAmE 'rEs1dEnT' iN tHi5 vIrTuAL

nEiGhbORh0Od s1NcE dEcEmBeR 1997. mOrE 'bOuT cHaT ?