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iF nOt oK w1tH yA, jU5t cLiCk hEre !

wELL, mY nAmE i5 ***** (yOu nAmE iT !) ... I aL5o kNoWn

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.. iF yOu'Re lUcK  8)  aT cHaNnEL #Bandung oN MICROSOFT

irC nEtWoRk, sErVeR irc.msn.com oR comicsrv.microsoft.com

iF yA aLrEadY tHeRe, dUn bE 5hy tO sAy "hi" tO mE !

iT'5 a pLeAsUrE tO aCcEpT uR gReEtiNg, iF I cArE, oFf cOuRsE.

nOw, I'lL a5k yA a QueStiOn, wAnNa kNoW mOrE 'bOuT mE ?

iS iT tHe aN5wEr "yEaH" oR "nOpe" ?